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A few things [Oct. 17th, 2006|06:38 pm]
soundtracks of our lives


thing #1:
hello, im new here! my names kashmir and well i have been looking through all the miz tape communities for about an hour now...ugh. but i like this one and it seems active so here i am!

thing #2:
I have to make a cd of songs from 'catcher in the rye' tonight for english. however i cant find all the songs :( here are the ones that i need to find:
little surely beans
i know my love
they didnt have artists listed with them or anything and i couldnt find them on limewire. any help is aprecaited!!

and thing #3:
I want to make a mix tape/cd for my boyfriend, and of course i want it to be sweet and i love you and that crap but not mushy. hes into metal, hardcore, some indie, that kind of stuff. think zombies robots and abrasive.
any suggestions?
also songs (in the same general genre) about summer,going to shows, anything video game based, etc would be awesome

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

and after im done with all this junk i'll be sure to come back here :D