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not your typical valentines day/love song mix tape... [Jan. 31st, 2007|12:55 pm]
soundtracks of our lives


[mood |chipperaww]
[music |A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way]

enjoyyy =)

disc one
o1. happy valentine's day - outkast
o2. my funny valentine - chet baker (singing!)
o3. my baby's got sauce - g. love and special sauce
o4. love rollercoaster - red hot chilli peppers
o5. vivrant thing - q. tip
o6. this is not a love song - the juliana theory
o7. lovely day - bill withers
o8. are you gonna be my girl? - jet
o9. fell in love with a boy - joss stone
1o. summer romance (antigravity love song) - incubus
11. never been in love - talib kweli
12. let's get it on - gavin degraw
13. i can't help falling in love - ub40
14. nightengale - saves the day
15. the way that you love me - paula abdul

disc two
o1. everybody loves somebody - dean martin
o2. somersault - zero 7
o3. prince charming - brother ali
o4. headlong - the frames (my favoriteeee song)
o5. stoppin' the love - kt tunstall
o6. sea of love - cat power
o7. for me this is heaven - jimmy eat world
o8. someone to watch over me - ella fitzgerald
o9. do you realize?? - the flaming lips
1o. love is real - jason mraz
11. yellow - coldplay
12. brighter than sunshine - aqualung
13. spaghetti strapped - atmosphere
14. everlong (acoustic) - foo fighters
15. my love - justin timberlake (i had to!)

(xposted, apologies)