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soundtracks of our lives
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this community is for mix tape fanatics. if you like making mix tapes or CDs for your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, family members, yourself...here's a place to share the tracklists, artwork, lyrics, explanations, & anything else related to your masterpieces & get compliments or suggestions & inspiration from other mixes. oh, and i know theres lots of people out there (like those of you who post icons by the billions in the icon share communities) that are photoshop & pp pro wizzes - if you wanna make mix tape cover art and stuff just for the heck of it, even if you haven't actually made a mix to go with it, you can post your work here to feed your ego. ;) also, share mp3 playlists, & top (five, ten, fifteen, whatever) albums/songs lists!

the creation of a good mix tape requires deep concentration and dedication. it's an expression of mood, feeling, and emotion, sometimes for personal listening, but usually dedicated to a loved one, or made for a new friend - a musical introduction, if you will. ;) anyway, be respectful of everyones mixes. chances are they're highly personal and as moderator i won't tolerate people posting jerk-face comments about other people's musical tastes. however...

this community is open to random musical debates...disagreements are okay but please don't resort to childish name-calling or anything or i'll have to kick your ass out. and if someone posts a mix, and you'd like to use their track list to make your own mix, please ask their permission. mixes tend to be pretty personal and time consuming things, so please be considerate.

mix tape quotes:

"Wait, that's your project? A mix tape? No, a mix tape is not a project. it's something you do between bong hits." - grace on will & grace

When all words fail she speaks
Her mix tape's a masterpiece
- ben folds five "kate"

today I made you a mix tape
to say exactly how I feel inside
and make you feel it to.
these are the songs that make me smile
and cry myself to sleep at night
when I’m lying without you.

all of these songs they remind me of you
i hope that you like this song too...

did you ever listen to the words and melody?
do you feel the pain inside the way that it hurts me?
when you're in your room at night
I hope you'll be singing along,
and make me a tape of your favorite songs.
-the ataris "song for a mix tape"

A good compilation tape, like
breaking up, is hard to do and
takes ages longer than it might
seem. You gotta kick off with a
killer, to hold the attention.
Then you have to take it up a
notch, but not blow your wad, so
maybe cool it off a notch, and you
can't put the same artist twice on
the tape, except if some subtle
point or lesson or theme is involved,
and even then not the two of them
in a row, and you can't woo somebody
with Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow
Taxi" and then bash their head off
with something like GBH's "City
Baby Attacked by Rats," and... oh,
there are a lot of rules. Anyway,
I worked hard at this one.
- rob, from high fidelity by nick hornby

Got your tape and it changed my mind
Heard your voice in between the lines
Come around from another time
Where nobody ever goes

All alone on the overpass
Wired and phoned to a heart of glass
Now I'm falling in love too fast
With you or the songs you chose

And all the stars
Play for me
Say the promise you long to keep

I can hear you sing it to me in my sleep
I can hear you sing it to me in my sleep

I've been living in your cassette
It's the modern equivalent
Singing up to a Capulet
On a balcony in your mind

In the City the lion sleeps
Pray to Sony my soul to keep
Were you ever so bright and sweet
Did you ever look so nice

And all the sounds
Dream for me
Dive me down in a soul so deep

I can hear you sing it to me in my sleep
- semisonic, "singing in my sleep"

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